Aries, the ram, plants and flowers - for personal success

Plants and flowers for the ram of personal success - flower zodiac

цветы и растения овен цветочный зодиак Representatives of the zodiacal sign Aries suitable plants, which are controlled by the first of the fire signs - Aries. Mars, the manager of this sign, gave Aries a variety of thorny plants. And because Aries likes to be in the spotlight, then its plants tend to have high growth. Aries - the sign of fire, its plants are often large, prickly, have a red, burgundy, pink and orange hues. Plants and flowers lamb: azalea, king begonia, geranium, grenades, Guzman ligulate, spurge brilliant, rose, sparkling and striped ehmeya, Kohler pushistotsvetkovaya. If a person born under the sign of Aries is prone to various diseases, then as a preventive and restorative means it will work cacti, warning pain rams. Not recommended for Aries such flowers and plants as asparagus, asters, laurel, lemon, arrowroot, orchids, sansevieriya, Chlorophytum, chrysanthemum, tsissus. Plants and flowers belonging to the sign of Aries, are endowed with certain qualities and svoystavm. This is primarily symbols career and personal success. They express the prosperity and respectability in life. Plants and flowers of Aries can be used by people who need support in building a career, they help set goals and achieve them. Aries in the zodiac symbolizes the identity of the person "I" of each of us and is associated with personal aspirations of each person. Therefore, all plants Aries have one thing in common and the most powerful feature: they strengthen our inner selves, helping us become a strong personality and can serve as a talisman of personal success, achieve their goals.

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